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Colin Rule, NCTDR Fellow and Modria COO, wins prestigious Mary Parker Follett Award from Association for Conflict Resolution


Colin Rule, NCTDR Fellow, and COO of Modria is well-known internationally for his founding role in the field of ODR.  His innovation and expertise in integrating the use of technology into conflict resolution practice has been recognized today by the Association for Conflict Resolution. 

"ACR's annual awards are given in recognition of superior performance in, and outstanding contributions made to, the field of alternative dispute resolution.

The Mary Parker Follett Award is presented to an individual who has shown a passion and willingness to take risks; in tackling a contemporary problem or opportunity in the field of dispute resolution; has used innovative and experimental techniques; and draws upon the talents and ideas of all persons involved. Mary Parker Follett (1868-1933) was an early advocate of resolving conflict by encouraging parties to integrate interests into negotiations. During the mid-1920s, Follett shifted her focus from community group processes to the field of business. Business leaders sought her advice on how to manage their enterprises, and she became a featured speaker at national and international business conferences. Her talks were drawn together and published posthumously in the influential book Dynamic Administration" (ACR web announcement, August 30, 2013).




I'm humbled to receive this honor -- I really feel like I'm kind of taking credit for all the great work done by the global ODR community, including my good friends and colleagues at OnlineResolution and Modria.  But I won't refuse the recognition!  Thanks to my students at SMU for putting my name forward :)


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