Petros Zourdoumis



Petros Zourdoumis is an experienced dispute resolution specialist and deal facilitator specializing mainly in the private business and financial sector. He is a practicing negotiator and a mediator accredited by the Greek Ministry of Justice and highly acknowledged international mediation training providers in Europe and the U.S.A. on Civil, Commercial and Workplace Mediation as well as International Mediation and Cross-border disputes.

He holds a BA in Economics, an LL.B in English Law and an LL.M in European Law and has a long experience serving as an Associate to the Hellenic Parliament, an advisor to Central Government and president & CEO in private corporations. He is currently, counsel for members of Parliamentary Legislative Committees, special advisor to the Local Government, appointed mediation expert at the Court of First Instance and President of the Association of Greek Mediators. He is an active member of the ODR global community, member of the ADR World Professionals and the American Institute of Mediation as well as other European and international ADR & ODR related institutions.

He is the General Director of ADR point-Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, the only private national entity notified to the European Commission & officially registered to the European ODR platform. He has handled many negotiations and mediations upon court referral, has concluded successfully online cross-border mediation cases in civil disputes and has developed an expertise in bank related disputes for private debt settlement.

Petros has a particular focus and expertise in Online Dispute Resolution. He is the founder of ODReurope, the only entity in Greece and one of the few entities in Europe working with practitioners, corporations, state bodies & professionals towards implementing technological solutions in every day practice of resolving disputes and he is leading several projects involving the use of IT in dispute resolution. He participates actively as a delegate, speaker and member in world conferences and national and international working groups for online dispute resolution & e-justice.