ODR LATINOAMERICA’s review of the 2020 activities (with infographic)


December 30, 2020 

More than 3,000 specialists in Conflict Resolution choose online training to take their practice to the next level 

To a large extent pushed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the world in 2020 and led the world population to confinement in their homes, face-to-face formats had to give way to virtual and online spaces.

ODR Latinoamerica a is a Social Network and an Academic Space that since 2006 works on the field of Online Dispute Resolution / Alternative Dispute Resolution. In this context of world health emergencies, we had to respond immediately to the urgent training needs regarding the use of new technologies in the professional field.

 We decided then to put the engine at maximum power to expand and diversify the offer of courses and activities for all professional conflict operators and related specialists. What we found was a surprising response and an urgent need for applied learning in relation to New Information and Communication Technologies. 

We would like, as a summary, to share with you our main activities; those that have made a difference for the mediator community and that have allowed many specialists to cope with these times where presence is so limited and conflicts are the order of the day. 

We hope that 2021 finds us stronger and more together than ever.



December 3, 2020

Consumer protection and trust is at the forefront of all discussions related to commerce. While millions of transactions fulfill the purchasing expectations of the customers there is quite a considerable number of them that do not. Consumers are mostly uninformed of the existence of online dispute resolution tools and instead of using them they are subjected to a dispute resolution adventure by being directed to other customer service tools (if the trader has such) and by struggling to establish communication with the right department/person through lengthy & persisting efforts. As the volumes of e-commerce are growing, so is the lack of trust by consumers as to the redress mechanisms the traders are making available to them to address their concerns when a problem occurs.  

On the other hand, the majority of traders seem to have prioritized the use of ADR mechanisms pretty low in their agenda. They tend to exhaust dispute resolution efforts to direct negotiations with their customers, do not seem to have appreciated the added value of the involvement of a third neutral party in the ADR process and seem to prefer postponement of their engagement in it under the belief that the low value claims discourage consumers to pursue further action through costly & time consuming court proceedings. That is a reality that calls for further thinking on the idea of establishing a framework of a mandatory ADR process for consumer disputes just like is being done more and more in several jurisdictions in civil, commercial and family cases.   

This is where we stand at the moment. So what we need is to act on two different levels. The first one is to connect technology with consumer dispute resolution. Not in the abstract, but through real tools of everyday use. We need to provide a super-fast, efficient and easily accessible environment for both consumers and traders. The consumer must be able to use online ADR at a distance of a click. They must have the option to seek redress instantly. Even at the premises of the trader. So, they need what we could call an “ADR go”. Available at all times, in all places. Smartphones can play a key role in providing access to such ADR mechanisms. With the number of smartphones projected to be 3,5 billion in 2020, 1 billion up from 2016, it is estimated that in 12 years most of the word population will hold a smartphone.  

The second level we need to work on is to address the skepticism of the traders. To understand and discuss their concerns. We need to build on a system that will facilitate honest direct negotiations between the consumer and the trader. Make them understand that the goal is neither replacing direct negotiations with neutral resolutions nor aiming solely at consumer protection, but rather at the protection of both. They need to realize that direct negotiations and ADR is a single two stage process that creates value and as such must be an integral part of their services to their customers. In that sense they need to have a modern online environment, customized to their needs. A cloud system that will allow them to manage cases internally and immediately and to help them acknowledge the complementary role of an ADR body in handling a number of unresolved disputes. A system that would become standard practice offering a customer-centered service that will upgrade the company’s image and reputation.

This is exactly what we envisage with the ADR4ALL app and the components we currently add. We are creating a consumer-trader ADR ecosystem that provides all the necessary features and tools for addressing consumer disputes. The ADR4ALL app is a joint project funded by the European Commission and ADR point and is the first smartphone app of its kind in this field not only in Europe but globally.  

The ADR4ALL smartphone app

The ADR4ALL app operates in both android and iOS systems and combines an easy interface and a dynamic case management tool. The app offers an introductory tutorial of the submission process and the user can easily file a complaint in a few clicks following the app wizard. After submitting a case the consumer can watch the status of the complaint by clicking a button at the toolbar of his app. A software calculates whether the dispute resolution process is a free or a paid service and the consumer is informed of the next steps in the process. After a complaint is submitted the system manager runs a dual check and if the case is admissible a case handler is appointed and once the trader consents to participate, the case moves on to the dispute resolution process which is completed either when parties reach an agreement during their communication with the trader or when the case handler proposes a solution which the parties may or may not follow depending on the procedural rules of the ADR body the case has been referred to. In the upcoming few months the ADR4ALL smartphone app will be converted into a holistic ADR ecosystem for consumers & traders. New features will be integrated which will allow several levels of management, a direct negotiation system built-in the app, a traders’ interactive customer management platform enabling negotiations and dispute resolution by an ADR body, features making the app accessible by vulnerable consumers, time alerts, case statistics, reviews for traders and so on.

The ADR4ALL app is an easy entry point to dispute resolution services. The updated version will be an entry point to an ADR ecosystem. What the consumers need is instant access to simple redress mechanisms. What the traders need is a familiar and well explained resolution process smoothly integrated in their customer service philosophy. What both the consumers and the traders need is full trust in ODR. Our endless effort is to let them know that dispute resolution technology has tools that can serve their needs. Matching “buying online” with “resolving online” will be the new deal for consumers and traders in the future ahead.  

Petros Zourdoumis, Founder of ODReurope , General Director of ADR point,
Fellow at the NCTDR, Member of the Central Mediation Committee of the Ministry of Justice.         

ODR ExpoTech 2020

Solving Conflicts in the New Age with Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience


How important would you say emotions have when it comes to resolving a conflict?

And what would you say if you had a tool that allows you to perceive and represent a person’s emotions digitally and in real time?

It’s not science fiction, it’s web 5.0

Imagine that through sensors and facial reading a device can modify the status of your avatar in real time.

2020 has been the boost AI needed. The era begins in which new tools will allow us to recognize, for example, what sensation a text or video causes and thanks to portability, speed, learning memory, neural implantations and high resolution, the 5.0 network is now a reality

You are ready? We invite you to live a sensory – emotional experience, capable of identifying the emotions of a user and giving way to personalized instances like you could never perceive them before.



Recording of live transmission – Cyberweek 2019 Spanish Chapter – Closure by Dr. Alberto Elisavetsky



Posted by Odr Latinoamerica on Thursday, November 28, 2019

If you want to visit the homepage of Cyberweek 2019 Spanish Chapter go here: http://odrlatinoamerica.com/cyberweek-pagina-de-acceso/

Password: cyberuser58

New book by Alberto Elisavetsky, now available in e-book

Mediation in light of the New Technologies. A multi-geographic journey through the origins and present of conflict resolution and technological impact

The new book by Alberto Elisavetsky – Coordinator: Daniela Almirón

  • Language: Spanish
  • Publication date: July 2019
  • Author Alberto I. Elisavetsky,
  • Coordinator: Daniela Patricia Almirón
  • Type: pdf
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN 978-987-793-025-2

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Mediation in light of the New Technologies – New book by Alberto Elisavetsky

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Mediation in light of the New Technologies. A multigeographic journey through the origins and present of conflict resolution and technological impact
I want to to share with you the cover of my upcoming book (to be launched soon, in July) about Conflict Resolution and New Technologies.

A special thanks to all of you who made this possible, with your contribution, mentoring and/or friendship.

1st Latin American Encounter of Conflict Resolution 4.0

With great joy we present the convening entities to the

1st Latin American Encounter of Conflict Resolution 4.0
“An unavoidable disruption”

To be held face-to-face in Argentina, Brasil and Mexico.

Attempted dates: April, June and September 2019


Confirmed Institutions up to the present day:


  • General Direction of Justice Registration and Mediation of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires


  • Permanent Nucleus of Consensual Methods of Conflict Resolution of the Court of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro – NUPEMEC
  • School of Magistrature of the State of Rio de Janeiro


  • Superior Court of Justice of the State of Tlaxcala


List of topics:

Big data
Smart Contracts
Demonstrations of platforms for solving virtual disputes
Emotions in virtual environments
Digital entrepreneurship
Ethics and standards for online conflict management and other innovations and tools for building peace in the Digital Era
Artificial Intelligence
Mobile Learning
Virtual Reality
Online Dispute Resolution 4.0

Contact: administracion@academiaodr.com

Videos about the On-line Mediation Program launched by Buenos Aires City Government in Argentina| Developed by ODR Latinoamerica

These are the presentation and explanation videos of the On-line Mediation Program of the City of Buenos Aires, known as MEL.

MEL offers an additional service to traditional face to face mediation and it’s a free service provided by the Buenos Aires City Government, with experts supporting the mediation trhough all instances.

ODR Latinoamerica guided the development of the proyect with its experience in technology, communications and ODR.

¡Great work!


Dr. Héctor Maldonado Bonilla

Illustrious Magistrate President of the Superior Tribunal  of Justice of the State of Tlaxcala, Mexico


Has been recognized by ODR Latinoamerica with the IMPULSORES AWARD 2018.

In merit of the contributions made for the promotion and spreading of  the New Technologies of Information and Communication for the Construction of Peace in the Digital Era.





Alberto Elisavetsky is invited to Tlaxcala, Mexico, to work on a Project of Distance Conflict Resolution Pilot Plan

Alberto Elisavetsky, Director of ODR Latinoamerica, has been invited to work in the ODR pilot project of Tlaxcala’s Judicial Power, Mexico.

Here follows the official invitation:


Alberto Elisavetsky

Director of the Observatory of Social Conflict

Tres de Febrero National University, Argentina.


In compliance to the Strategic Institutional Plan 2018-2020 of the Judicial Power of the State of Tlaxcala, in line of action 2.3.2 Motivate the training of the public facilitator around the use of TIC’s, with a perspective on distance mediation/on-line and 4.2.3 Establish strategic alliances for spreading internally and externally the actions of training that the Institute executes; as well as considering your wide trajectory and knowledge in new technologies applied to dispute resolution, you are invited on September 6 & 7 of this year to the facilities of Judicial City, Tlaxcala, Mexico to support the Project of Distance Conflict Resolution Pilot Plan.


Kind regards, hoping to count with your valuable presence.



Santa Anita Huiloac, Apizaco, Tlaxcala, August the 20th 2018

President Magistrate of the Superior Tribunal of Justice of the State of Tlaxcala.