Cyberweek 2021 Agenda

Welcome to Cyberweek 2021!

We have an exciting line up for our 23rd annual Cyberweek (October 31-November 5, 2021) filled with top presenters from around the globe. Come join conversations on cutting edge topics on ODR with practitioners and scholars, including a panel each day with authors from the newly released treatise Online Dispute Resolution–Theory and Practice (2nd edition).

This page, which will serve as the hub for the week, will remain at — and the latest agenda (which we will be constantly updating) is always available here and by clicking on the banner below:

Cyberweek 2021 Agenda

All of the links to join the sessions are embedded in the agenda, and as sessions complete and we upload the video we’ll put the links to watch the recordings into the agenda as well.

Thank you to Cyberweek 2021 Supporters! (Click for the full list)

(Blast from the past: this was the first Cyberweek back in 1998)

We will also be posting resources on this page throughout the week — let us know if you have any other suggestions and additions!

Also make sure to check out the amazing ODR Bibliography
maintained by Noam Ebner (also available at