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April 4 - 8, 2005

Welcome to our 7th ODR Cyberweek, an all-online conference exploring the application of technology to dispute resolution. Each of the subjects on the right side of the screen will open up rich opportunities for novel online experiences. You will be able to learn more about online dispute resolution and other ways in which technology and the Internet are affecting both the emergence and the resolution of conflict.

We are extremely pleased that individuals from thirty eight countries have already registered to participate. Since the first Cyberweek in 1998, the need for online tools to respond to conflict has grown significantly. As online transactions and relationships increase, so do disputes. The community of persons involved in building new civic institutions online has also been growing and what has been learned in responding to online conflicts is proving to be helpful in responding to more traditional disputes. We hope that Cyberweek will help to bring all of us new ideas, new understandings, and, perhaps, new friends as well.

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Cyberweek - Friday, 4/8/05

  • SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY TODAY! ODR at eBay - You’re invited to an online presentation on ODR at eBay, hosted by Colin Rule, eBay’s Director of Online Dispute Resolution.  In this presentation you’ll hear about:
    · eBay’s new Resolution Center
    · the Disputes Console, now integrated into My eBay
    · Direct Negotiation ODR processes (Unpaid Items, Items Not Received)
    · Third party ODR processes (Independent Feedback Review)
    Date: April 8, 2005
    Time: 7:00 PM (GMT-7:00) Pacific
    Duration: 1 hr
    To attend this meeting, simply click here:
    No software download is required. However, this meeting does require Macromedia Flash 6.0 or above.
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    This real-time, synchronous presentation will be presented using Convoq ASAP. Complete information about Convoq and ASAP can be found at
  • ROLE PLAY at - Cyberweek participants have access to, and are able to advance, a live roleplay mediation on this ODR platform, operated by The Claim Ltd. - A 'team collaboration' application providing a series of discussion areas in each dispute with varying control of user powers to access/read/write that emulate traditional meeting based mediation procedures.  Visitors can access the roleplay case under various guises and add messages to advance the mediation.To access, use any of the following usernames. In each case the password is 'cyberweek':- 'cwclaimant', 'cwrespondent', 'cwclaimantlawyer'. 'cwrespondentlawyer', 'cwmediator'.
  • Got Questions? Want to engage the experts? Need to critique and/or compliment Cyberweek? The Cyberweek Discussions are going strong, please join us - we will keep the boards active after Cyberweek.

ODR Cyberweek is sponsored by the University of Masschusetts Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution, the Hewlett Foundation, and the University of Massachusetts Department of Legal Studies. Please contact Alan Gaitenby with any questions.

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