NCSC/Pew Charitable Trusts ODR Project Announcement


The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) is engaging with Pew Charitable Trusts to explore and examine various Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) implementations with the end goal of making ODR, a digital space where parties can convene to work out a resolution to their dispute or case, useful and successful.

To that end, NCSC is interested in knowing whether your state/jurisdiction has started an ODR effort. If so, what case type(s) does your effort focus on and where are you in the implementation lifecycle (e.g., forming an exploratory group, looking at commercial solutions, building your own, implementing a vendor solution, or already using an ODR solution and for how long)? Are you interested and willing to have NCSC and Pew engaged in helping your ODR effort at no cost to you?

NCSC can offer technical assistance, as well as process mapping help and evaluation for a handful of efforts. Even if you have already implemented an ODR solution, we are keen to know what went well and how you are using ODR. Responses should be directed to Shelley Spacek Miller, or 757-259-1538, and include follow-up contact information.”

Noam Ebner wins award

From the blog –

A simulation co-authored by Noam Ebner (Creighton) has been named a first-prize co-winner of Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs annual E-PARCC teaching case and simulation competition. Congratulations, Noam!

The simulation places participants in the role of EU leaders tasked with forming EU policy in face of the waves of migration entering the EU. Noam and his co-authors actually wrote three Model EU simulations Noam co-authored as part of a project for the EU Delegation to the US. The award-winning simulation (as well as two others on different topics) can be downloaded for use here.