Courts Using ODR

In addition to the courts listed below that have incorporated ODR, there has been a exponential growth in the use of video conferencing by courts worldwide in response to COVID-19. For updates on what courts are doing globaly see; for state courts in the U.S. see the National Center for State Courts.

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  1. British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal (Province-wide, Canada)
  2. Clark County Family Court (Las Vegas, NV, USA)
  3. Franklin County Small Claims (Columbus, Ohio, USA)
  4. Fulton County Small Claims (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  5. Ohio Court of Claims (Statewide)
  6. Ottawa County Family Court Compliance (Grand Rapids, MI, USA)
  7. Travis County Small Claims (Austin, TX, USA)
  8. Utah Courts Small Claims (West Valley Justice Court, Carbon County Justice Court and Orem Justice Court. Information about Utah’s ODR implementation is here:
  9. Tlaxcala Supreme Court (Mexico)
  10. Faulkner and Van Buren County District Courts (Faulkner and Van Buren County, AR, USA)
  11. Sherwood District Court (Sherwood, AR, USA)
  12. DeKalb County State Court – Traffic Division (DeKalb County, GA,USA )
  13. Village of Ford Heights (Cook County, IL,USA )
  14. Jefferson County District Court (Louisville, KY, )USA
  15. Cleveland Municipal Court (Cleveland, OH, USA)
  16. Franklin County Municipal Court (Franklin County, OH, USA)
  17. Farmers Branch Municipal Court (Farmers Branch, TX, USA)
  18. Hartford and New Haven (Connecticut, USA)
  19. Orange County Small Claims (California, USA)
  20. New Mexico Courts, (USA)
  21. Yolo County Courts (California, USA)
  22. Hangzhou Internet Court (China)
  23. Zhejiang Court ODR Program (China)
  24. Guangzhou Court of the Internet (China)
  25. The Beijing Internet Court (China)
  26. Michigan Supreme Court (USA)
  27. e-Court Canada
  28. The Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) (Ontario, Canada)
  29. Third Circuit Court in Columbia County, Florida (USA)
  30. Ninth Circuit Court in Orange County, Florida (USA)
  31. Los Angeles Superior Court, California (USA)
  32. New York State Courts (USA)