New OECD Report on ODR in Latvia

From Cambridge University Professor Felix Steffik on Linkedin: “Today, the OECD has published its report on ‘Developing Effective Online Dispute Resolution in Latvia’. The report documents the assessment of online dispute resolution in Latvia and summarises key policy recommendations to support its development. It draws from the prior influential work of the OECD on access to justice, for example, the OECD Recommendations on Access to Justice and People-Centred Justice Systems.

I had the immense pleasure to contribute to this project as an international expert and would like to extend my gratitude to the entire OECD team, the EU representatives and everyone involved in Latvia. The two years with this project were full of inspiration and passion to chart the right path for online dispute resolution. I am delighted to see the report in its final version. It is a treasure trove of strategies for designing and regulating online dispute resolution.

You can read the report here:

2024 Prague ODR Forum

Please mark your calendars to join us June 5-6, 2024 in Prague for the 24th ODR Forum! NCTDR Fellow (and new ICODR board member) Zbynek Loebl is hosting the event… many will remember the time he hosted the forum a decade ago, and it was one of the best. With all the developments in AI and across Europe, this forum will be incredibly rich. So mark your calendars — we hope to see you there!