ACR ODR Section

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) is the premiere dispute resolution organization in the United States. Created as a merged organization of the Academy of Family Mediators, the Society for Professionals in Dispute Resolution, and the Conflict Resolution in Education Network, ACR represents dispute resolution professionals from across a wide spectrum.

The ODR Section serves as one of the main interfaces between the ODR field and the public, promoting quality ODR practices and spreading awareness among consumers and professionals alike. Practitioners are coming to identify the Section as an important home for ODR news, policy, jobs, and training.

Anyone just getting started in the ODR field should consider joining ACR’s Online Section to learn the layout of the field. Any organization exploring the integration of ODR into its business practices should join ACR’s Online Section to get access to the rich resevoir of expertise and experience housed within. And any practioner who is currently a member of ACR should consider adding membership to the Online Section to expand the reach of their practice.

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