Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Mediation

I want to make sure everyone is aware of our online conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Mediation, happening next week. Tools like ChatGPT4 and Google Bard are poised to make huge changes in our society, and the field of mediation is no exception.

All of us in the ODR field need to quickly get smarter about what AI can and cannot do, and what ethical issues it raises for mediation and mediators. As AI becomes more common across society, our parties will expect to be able to leverage these tools in finding resolution to their problems.

Many ICODR friends will be presenting at this conference (e.g. Ethan Katsh, Leah Wing, Dan Rainey, Andy Lee, Zbynek Loebl, Bob Bergman, etc.) but also many people from the AI field who are working with these tools up close.  

Here are the details:

April 18-19, 2023 8:45am-5pm PST (11:45am-8pm EST)

Conference details are at

Full agenda online at

The sessions will be recorded and made available shortly following the conference. All registrants will be given 6 months access to view the conference recordings at

I really hope you can join us!