Provider List

The following is a list of ODR providers that we are aware of; it is revised periodically. If you know of an ODR provider missing from this list, please contact us and let us know. Listing here of an ODR provider is for information purposes only and does not reflect an endorsement by NCTDR.

See also an ODR providers comparative features document by Center Fellows Amy Schmitz and Janet Martinez (May 2020) as part of their forthcoming publication: Schmitz, A. and Martinez, J. “ODR in the United States” in Online Dispute Resolution Theory and Practice: A Treatise on Technology and Dispute Resolution (Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab, Ethan Katsh and Daniel Rainey Eds. 2020).

ODR Providers Self-Certified in Compliance

with NCTDR-ICODR ODR Standards:

The providers listed directly below have self-certified compliance with the NCTDR-ICODR ODR Standards and are organizational members of the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution (ICODR).

To be added to this list, join ICODR and contact us and let us know you have done so and are self-certifying compliance with these ODR Standards.

Other ODR Providers: