Announces Compliance with ICODR Standards

The video conferencing and online collaboration company Legaler has publicly announced their compliance with ICODR’s Video Mediation and Video Arbitration standards. From their blog announcement:

“Given the importance of video conferencing in the future of dispute resolution, the International Council of Dispute Resolution’s ‘Video Meeting Guidelines’ provides a vital guide to how online tools can best be used to conduct proceedings in a way that is accessible to clients from all walks of life, fair to all parties, and secure for data sharing purposes. ICODR is the standard-setting body for arbitrators and mediators around the world, with a mission to develop and promote adoption of ethical standards for resolving disputes. At a time when dispute resolution professionals are turning to video conferencing platforms at an unprecedented rate, it is vital that they choose software that is compliant with the Video Meeting Guidelines.

Legaler is a pioneer in guaranteeing industry-first compliance with these guidelines, in line with our mission to ensure that legal services are accessible by everyone. We are one of the first legal technology companies to self-report our compliance with ICODR. This means that dispute resolution professionals using Legaler can rest assured knowing that the platform sends all required notifications automatically, without further action on their behalf, and that all privacy and security features are provided.”

Their blog post further details how the Legaler platform fulfills the requirements set out by the ICODR’s five Video Meeting Guidelines (Accessible, Competent, Confidential, Fair/Impartial/Neutral, and Secure).

Hopefully Legaler’s action will encourage other ODR and online collaboration platforms to follow suit.

You can read the full post

New Divorce ODR Platform in Italy: Bluebird Project

Good friend of NCTDR Luca Dal Pubel shared an announcement about a new divorce and separation ODR platform that just launched in Italy called the Bluebird Project. From their website (translated from Italian):

“Our services are designed to accompany you through the separation procedure in a simple and efficient way.

You can choose between [three] different options, starting from a free information and orientation service, up to a completely guided procedure, designed to address every detail of your family situation.

Orientation service
Answer a few simple questions and find out which procedure is best suited to your situation: the service is completely free. Whether it is separation, divorce, dissolution of civil union or unmarried couple or modification of the conditions of separation and divorce, we are here to advise you on the easiest way.

Basic Di-Visions
Manage your separation independently using our tools to assist in preparing and compiling documentation. Downtime and waiting times are reduced and convenience increases, all with the security of a procedure designed by qualified professionals and the possibility of requesting assistance at any time.

Premium Di-Visions
A completely personalized path, designed to help you and your partner reach an agreement on the points of separation or divorce. A completely online mediation procedure, which you can manage independently in the places and times you prefer. All with the continuous support of our network of professionals: from the search for the separation agreement to the conclusion of the procedure, from start to finish.”

Learn more here:

Reflections on 9 months of virtual ADR

Great new podcast featuring two experienced mediators from JAMS looking at ODR… from the blog on the JAMS site:

“Nine months after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the legal community overall has adapted to working in a new environment. For ADR professionals and many attorneys, that means mastering the art of virtual mediation. While some have experienced a more seamless transition than others, everyone had to confront often unexpected obstacles and turn them into opportunities to be successful.

In this new podcast from JAMS, two seasoned JAMS mediators look back at their transition to virtual mediation, discuss early experiences and challenges, and share some pet peeves and tips they have developed along the way. They also offer their perspective on the opportunities that have arisen from virtual mediation and discuss why they are confident virtual mediation is here to stay.”

Listen to the full podcast and read more here: