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Framing the Parameters for Online Dispute Resolution (NCTDR 2022)

Online Dispute Resolution Bibliography

This purpose of this bibliography is to collect publications on Online Dispute Resolution, which have grown exponentially since the field’s founding.

While our main purpose is to identify books, book chapters, and journal articles on ODR, a less comprehensive collection of writing in trade and professional journals, conference proceedings, and other formats appears toward the end of this document.

Each type of publication appears according to year of publication (in reverse order), and alphabetically (by the last name of the first author). Links have been provided when possible, with preference given to links to full-text versions of the articles.

The bibliography incorporates, amongst many other titles, material from previous lists, including those compiled by Ethan Katsh, Leah Wing, Dan Rainey, Noam Ebner, Fellows of The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution, and the ODR Committee of the ADR Institute of Canada. Our recognition and thanks to all compilers, curators, and sharers!

This bibliography was compiled by Noam Ebner, who asked in return only to be known as Hunter of Lost Scrolls. He was ably assisted by Dennis Davis, working with the ABA’s Section on Dispute Resolution’s Task Force on ODR. Noam continues to curate and update the bibliography.

The bibliography is available here.

The bibliography will be updated periodically. Please submit past or recent items of your own, or those of others, for inclusion. We seek material of the following types: published journal articles, book chapters, and books; articles from professional journals and conference proceedings; and published or unpublished masters and doctoral theses. We are not accepting blog contributions, websites, newspaper entries, or webinars.

To submit items for inclusion in the bibliography, write NCTDR Fellow, Noam Ebner: noamebner at



Fellows of NCTDR produced these treatises on ODR:

Rainey, D., Katsh, E., and Wahab, M. (eds.), Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice. A Treatise on Technology and Dispute Resolution. The Hague: Eleven International Publishing, 2021.

This 2012 edition is available for download:

Wahab, M., Katsh, E., and Rainey, D. (eds.), Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice. The Hague: Eleven International Publishing, 2012.