ODR Online Educational and Training Resources

ODR Progress and Insights: Court System Design & Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Prof. Amy J. Schmitz (University of Missouri) interviews Prof. David Larson (Mitchell Hamline School of Law). As co-chairs of American Bar Association ODR Standards Task Force and ABA Dispute Resolution Section’s Technology Committee, they share insights from their experiences, including Prof. Larson commenting on system design for the New York State Unified Court System’s ODR system and ways to ensure persons with disabilities can access ODR.

Adapting Mediation Techniques to the Online Environment

This video by Graham Ross of The Mediation Room features advice on how to generate and maintain trust when not meeting F2F . It is a free lesson from the ODR training course at www.odrtraining.com

Amy Schmitz and Noam Ebner on ODR Governance

In this video, Amy Schmitz of the University of Missouri School of Law and Noam Ebner of Creighton University’s Department of Interdisciplinary Studies discuss the creation of governance structures for the field of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). The two revisit Noam’s paper (with John Zeleznikow of the University of Victoria, Melbourne) No Sheriff in Town: Governance for Online Dispute Resolution (Negotiation Journal, Vol. 32(4), 2016) and consider the many developments in the field and its governance that have occurred since it was written.