UNCITRAL established its working group on cross-border ODR (WGIII) in 2010. The aim of the WG is to prepare rules for the future global cross-border ODR for disputes arising from e-commerce transactions. Such rules will include ODR Rules as well as associated documents like guidelines for ODR providers and neutrals, criteria for the accreditation of ODR providers and neutrals, substantive legal principles for deciding cases and enforcement protocol.

Importantly, UNCITRAL WG III has worked from the beginning in close coordination with a private initiative of ODR experts from academic environment, NGOs and private sector. The next session of the UNCITRAL WG III will take place in Novemver 18-22, 2013 in Vienna and will discuss again very important and interesting developments. You can access all documents of the WGIII at http://www.uncitral.org/uncitral/commission/working_groups/3Online_Dispute_Resolution.html