Chris Draper

Chris Draper, Ph.D., P.E., helps humans make fewer errors when using technology. This expertise was gained through a career of analyzing and reducing the operational risk of how humans interface with technology systems. Chris has been at the intersection of technology and dispute resolution for nearly a decade as the Managing Director of Trokt in Des Moines, Iowa, and as a Venture Partner with VU Venture Partners in San Francisco, California. With Trokt, Chris oversees the development and delivery of technologies that help equitably resolve and avoid disputes ranging from labor relations to construction arbitration, financial compliance to special needs education. With VU Venture Partners, Chris evaluates the utility, viability, and investability of innovative or unproven technologies as a partner to the FrontierTech evaluation team. Chris is a regular guest speaker for dispute resolution programs across the nation; provides technical support to Department of Education and National Center for State Courts focus and working groups; and is Co-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Section of Dispute Resolution Technology Committee.

Chris received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and his Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Glasgow. His LinkedIn profile can be found at: