Cyberweek 2019 Discussions

New discussions come live each morning and afternoon of Cyberweek. You can see the topic of each discussion below — it will become a link as soon as the discussion is opened for participation. Thanks to Linda Seely, David Larson, Amy Schmitz, and Zbynek Loebl for the great discussion topics, which were drawn from their plenary session at

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Opening Discussion: Introductions

Discussion #1: When trying to design an ethical ODR system, what principles or standards do you consider? A single source? Several sources? Your own values?

Discussion #2: Have you witnessed or experienced any tensions or conflicts when ODR designers are attempting to be both ethical and efficient?

Discussion #3: What potential tensions can you imagine could arise when trying to design an ODR system that is both ethical and efficient?

Discussion #4: Is new governance needed for the forthcoming challenges of fairness and efficiency at the time of AI and online courts? If so, what such new governance should be?

Discussion #5: Are there situations in ODR design for the courts in which efficiency and fairness align (for example, design features that promote both fairness and efficiency)?

Discussion #6: Have you had to choose between efficiency and fairness?  What were the circumstances?  What happened?  What did you learn?  What criteria did you use to decide which path to take?

Discussion #7: What will be the biggest challenge to the fairness of online justice in the next 5 years?

Discussion #8: Can a robojudge be fair?