Gabriela Szlak

Gabriela Szlak

Gabriela is an attorney, having graduated with honors from the University of Buenos Aires, and Prejudicial Mediator (Ministry of Justice) with experience in Cyberlaw and New Technologies, Intellectual Property, Commercial, Civil and International Law, with expertise in Internet and the Digital Economy.

Continuing with her studies, Gabriela completed her postgraduate degree in eBusiness Management at Universidad del Salvador – Georgetown University.

Co-founder of Rosz Lawfirm, Gabriela is the director of the New Technologies and Law department and represents clients before negotiations and litigations. She is consistently consulted for many legal and strategic aspects of business and online activity – everything from commerce and electronic business, web developments, intellectual property, domain names and Internet policy.

Gabriela is active in many international organizations: leading a regional delegation for UNCITRAL Working Group III on Online Dispute Resolution (UN), she is a fellow of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts, a member of the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution (Editorial Eleven International Publishing) and a Business Constituency (BC – ICANN) membmer representing eInstitute, and has been elected by the BC as GNSO Council in 2013 (and served until January 2015).

Gabriela is co-founder at Pactanda, a start-up offering Online Dispute Resolution services in Latin America. She also serves as Regional Director at the Latin American eCommerce Institute (eInstitute) for initiatives like eResolución (ODR) and eGobernanza.

As a consultant for Mercosur Digital, Gabriela has worked with issues of cross-border E-commerce. She has been an online professor at the Mercosur Digital School and has served as a legal adviser to the Ministry of Justice. Gabriela has also coordinated and contributed to Academic Research Projects for NGOs on varying issues of International Relations and Human Rights. She has been a university professor at UBA’s School of Law in two areas: International Public Law (2002-2004) and Human Rights (2008), where she also worked and contributed to published scholarly works (Ed. Act 2003, Ed. Eudeba 2008) and online tutoring in various subjects.

Gabriela has previously taught and currently teaches various webinars, courses and conferences online and in international events: eCommerce Day Tour 2012, 2013 & 2014 (Chile, Uruguay and Buenos Aires); Cyberweek 2009, 2010 & 2011; Internet Day (Argentina) 2011 & 2012; ABA Section of International Law, 2012 (New York); ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, 2012 (Washington DC); AMIPCI – Mexican Association of Internet- & AMPPI – Mexican Association of Intellectually Property and UNAM, 2011, (Mexico DF); UBA, School of Economics, 2011 and 2012; JAMS & Pace Institute of International Commercial Law, 2011 (New York); FIADI: Latin American Congress of Law and Technology XV, 2011 (Buenos Aires); International Forum on Dispute Resolution and Technology: 2010 (Buenos Aires), 2010 (Vancouver), 2012 (Prague), 2013 (Montreal) and 2014 (Stanford, Palo Alto); Mercosur Digital Workshop, Digital Cities, Buenos Aires (2012); Event on Internet Governance and New Domain Names, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2012. She has also participated in UNCTAD’s Cyber Legislation Workshop in 2012 (Paraguay) and ICANN meetings from 2010 to 2014 (Cartagena, Costa Rica, Prague, Toronto, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Singapore, London & Los Angeles) and the UNCITRAL-UN meeting, 2011 (New York).

In addition Gabriela is an author of the chapter “Online Resolution Dispute in Latin America, Challenges and Opportunities”, for the book Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice and a Treaty on Technology and Dispute Resolution, published by Eleven International Publishing in 2012 and awarded Book of the Year by the CPR organization of New York.