Irene Sigismondi

Irene Sigismondi, attorney at Law, is a trainer and a contract professor at the Universities of Rome “La Sapienza” and LUISS “Guido Carli”, in the field of Public/Constitutional Law, Legal Theory and Law and Technology (including ODR).  After getting her degree in law (LUISS, Rome 1995), she became a practicing attorney in Rome, 1998.  Irene then gained her Ph.D. in Information Technology (ICT) and Law (Sapienza University of Rome, 2003), and served as a visiting fellow (2001-2008) at the Yale Center for Internet Studies, with the late Professor Robert Dunne, and as a researcher for the Italian National Council of Research at the  Insitute for Judicial Studies (IRSIG/CNR, Bologna, Italy 2003-2007).  She has also been a visiting scholar at Paris I-Sorbonne (Centre de Recherche de Droit Public Comparé) and visiting professor at Szczecin University and lecturer in Law and Technology at the  European Master in Law and Policies of European Integration (European Constitutional Law and Multilevel Constitutionalism). Since 2009 she serves as project manager for the Quality Drafting and Better Regulation Module in the ICT Master Program (Master in Diritto dell’Informatica e Teoria e Tecnica della Normazione) at Sapienza University of Rome, Law School.
Her studies focus on the problems of interpretation and evaluation of the changing legal scenarios, determined by economic globalization, ICT and technological innovations, but also problems involved by new forms of addiction (such as NPS, Novel Psichoactive Substances) and the urgent call for effective forms of legislative protection (she recently presented a paper on the issue at a conference in Budapest, 2012).

Irene is working since 2009 with the LUISS Business School as the main legal consultant in EU-funded Regional projects to reorganize workflows and optimize the use technologies in the administration of justice for several Italian Courts. She has participated at several International congresses on ITC and Law (Graduate Webshop on Internet and Society University of Maryland 2002 and 2003, funded by US NSF grants, and Orlando Florida, 2004, funded by Italian NSF short term mobility program); Seminars and Forum on legal issues on ADR/ODR (Bruxelles and Barcelona 2009, Buenos Aires 2010 and Chennai 2011, Prague 2012), presenting the regulatory panorama of ADR/ODR in Italy and future perspectives.  She has co-organized an International symposium at Sapienza University of Rome on Legal Theory. Among her publications is a textbook on Good Administration and Politics (Il principio del buon andamento tra politica e amministrazione, 2011).