Jin Ho Verdonschot



Dr Jin Ho Verdonschot is Head of Justice Technology and Justice Technology Architect at HiiL Innovating Justice. He also designed the Dutch Rechtwijzer Platform, which is the worlds first online platform for problem-soving dispute resolution of relational disputes (like divorce, landlord-tenant issues, employment issues).

Jin Ho combines expertise from dispute system design, access to justice, UX/UI design, and (online) dispute resolution. He helps courts and other justice sector organisations to update and innovate their procedures and justice processes. For the past decade, he has been utilising technology to build better user interfaces for the justice system. In both the developing world (as part of a larger Microjustice Research and Innovation Program he helped set up) and the developed world (working primarily with courts, ministries of justice, legal aid and legal expenses organisations) Jin Ho initiated, designed and implemented several IT based justice applications including Rechtwijzer, Online Neighbour Court, and M-Sheria.
As Head of Justice Technology and Justice Technology Architect, he bridges the gaps between:

  • justice needs of users
  • appropriate designs of dispute systems to meet these needs
  • opportunities of modern day information technology
  • legal reality of frameworks and ecosystems

Before he became a justice technology architect, Jin Ho has both been an entrepreneur and an academic. He started entrepreneuring when he was in primary school, started a business when he was 17 and another one when he was 23.