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Noam Ebner is a professor of negotiation and conflict resolution in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, at Creighton University’s Graduate School. Originally from New York, Noam lived in Israel for many years, dividing his time between his home in Jerusalem, and his teaching, training and consulting activities in the U.S and abroad. He currently resides outside of Jacksonville, Florida.

Before joining the faculty at Creighton, Noam has had over a dozen years of experience teaching at universities around the world – in Israel, Turkey, Costa Rica and elsewhere. Besides practicing as an attorney, negotiator, and mediator at his own Jerusalem-based firm, Noam has trained mediators for the Israeli court system and played key roles in several community mediation programs. One of the first educators to promote and develop online teaching in the area of negotiation and dispute resolution, he has taught dozens of courses online, spearheaded curriculum and pedagogical development for an online masters degree program, and designed and taught a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on negotiation.

Noam has been involved in Online Dispute Resolution for over a decade, in practice, teaching and research. His work on ODR has been published in Negotiation Journal, Conflict Resolution Quarterly and the International Journal on ODR. He authored three chapters of the award-winning book ODR: Theory and Practice (Eleven Publishing, 2012); and has recently written five chapters on negotiation and technology for The Negotiator’s Desk Reference (DRI Press, 2017). He has also developed simulations for teaching and practicing online negotiation and mediation skills.  Noam has presented on ODR at many national and international conferences, including both of the main annual conferences on ODR – the International Forum on ODR and Cyberweek.

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