Thank you for a wonderful Cyberweek!
We had a great time pulling it together. We’re already making plans for 2021. Make sure to click on the agenda to watch the sessions
you missed on youtube.

“Leah Wing and I and the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution are most grateful to Colin, Noam, our co-sponsor and others who helped organize this year’s Cyberweek. A particular thanks to Fellows of NCTDR and others who made presentations. The first Cyberweek was in 1998. It was all-online then but not nearly at the scale of Cyberweek2020. If you missed anything this week, everything will be accessible at To those of you who enjoyed the week’s activities, please follow ODR.INFO and join ICODR. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

It is clear that some of the future we imagined in 1998 is now here. But there is also much that we could not imagine then that we are now starting to envision about the future. What is abundantly clear to us is that the need for ODR will continue to grow as the range, variety and numbers of disputes grow. Thus, we look forward to an even more ambitious Cyberweek next year.  Perhaps, also, we will also be able to meet face to face at our postponed international ODR Forum in Dublin.” – Ethan Katsh

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(Blast from the past: this was the first Cyberweek back in 1998)

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