Guided Resolution Platform Now Available for Educational Use

New Australian ODR provider Guided Resolution has now made their platform available for academics who would like to give their students an ODR platform to use for simulations and exercises.  They’re just put out a new brochure detailing the functionality of the system and how it can be used in education.  From the brochure:

  • Guided Resolution designs and custom builds web-based software applications that experientially educate tertiary students in Alternative Dispute
    Resolution (‘ADR’) practices.
  • The online process introduces an innovative platform to teaching win/win negotiation techniques; one that is principled, objective, and recordable.
  • Students require no pre-requisite knowledge or skills as the application (‘App’) provides a guided online preparation and interaction tool to augment their in-class sessions.
  • The system’s primary ADR reference model is interest based negotiation (‘IBN’), the same as what mediators use to establish a non-adversarial framework.
  • Students are prompted to think about and categorise essential information early and thoroughly in order to promote productive engagement in face-to-face (‘FTF’) role-play exercises.

To learn more, view the brochure here, or contact Guided Resolution’s CEO, Ross Paull, at