Hangzhou Internet Court

The website of the new Internet Court in Hangzhou, China is now live.

The court is aimed at focusing on:

  1. Online shopping contract disputes
  2. Online shopping product liability disputes
  3. Online service contract disputes
  4. Loan contract disputes and small loan contract disputes
  5. Online copyright disputes

It offers a simple three-step approach:

  • Step one: Filing
    Registration and name certification, as well as complaint completion. After the user is authorized, the system supports the investigation of e-commerce, transactions, logistics, micro-credit, intellectual property and other information.
  • Step two: Mediation
    After the case is filed, the first pre-litigation mediation. Within fifteen days, the mediator contacts the parties, through online, telephone or video mediation.
  • Step three: Court
    If the mediation is unsuccessful, the case is formally submitted to the court, where it proceeds to final decision — including the online payment of litigation costs.

Visit the Hangzhou Internet Court website to learn more.