Los Angeles Consumer-Business ODR Program Named Outstanding Project

The Los Angeles Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA)  Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Program has been recognized with an Outstanding Project Award.

The ODR program, which expanded the departments existing mediation service, allows parties involved in mediation to negotiate electronically at their convenience, without the need for in-person communication.  The program targets a number of issues including landlord and tenant disputes, neighbor disputes, debt settlements, and more.

From the award announcement:

“The program was launched December 2014. As of March 2016, 230 cases were mediated using DCBA’s expanded services. Of the 230 cases, 133 cases were resolved at a resolution rate of 57%. Thanks to the ODR program, DCBA has been able to mediate cases more effectively and better serve populations who are unable to attend a traditional face to face mediation. This service will also help the department better serve the disabled population and consumers looking for a speedy and efficient way to resolve disputes.”

Here’s more on the project from Giuseppe Leone and the Virtual Mediation Lab, who did the initial training for the DCBA:

And from Lyn Johnson, an independent IT and ADR consultant: