New EU Digital Services Act Calls for ODR

The proposedEU Digital Services Act is designed to “regulate the obligations of digital services that act as intermediaries in their role of connecting consumers with goods, services, and content… It will give better protection to consumers and to fundamental rights online, establish a powerful transparency and accountability framework for online platforms and lead to fairer and more open digital markets… Harmonised across the EU and directly applicable, the new rules will make it easier to provide digital innovations across borders, while ensuring the same level of protection to all citizens in the EU.”

This Act includes several several sections related to ODR, particularly in terms of disputed content: “The proposal gives users and consumers the possibility to contest the decisions taken by the online platforms to remove their content, including when these decisions are based on platforms’ terms and conditions. Users can complain directly to the platform, choose an out-of-court dispute settlement body or seek redress before courts. “

As well as the requirements for ODR providers operating under the Act:

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(h/t to Rory Van Loo from BU for the heads up)