New Kenyan ODR Provider: Utatuzi Center

From the Utatuzi Center website:

“Utatuzi Center (UC) is a highly innovative web-based platform created on the acknowledgment that disputes are inherent and inevitable to human beings. They will arise in our lives and our workplaces at any time.

Accordingly, our goal as Utatuzi Center (UC) is to provide a digital platform that links companies, small and medium-sized firms, and clients from different fields with eminently qualified and highly experienced alternative dispute resolution professionals-Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators- who have been selected for their proven track record of resolving commercial disputes.

We aim at preemptively, proactively, and expeditiously resolving disputes with minimal or zero litigation. Our platform is API-enabled, meaning that the platform will be integrated into our clients’ compatible backend to allow automatic notifications, response, and tracking of disputes at the comfort of their desktops.

We acknowledge the fact that litigation through the court system in Kenya for businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises often takes long, it is expensive, quite cumbersome and procedural. It will most likely destroy any business relationship between the conflicting parties.

Our web-based platform offers well thought Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) strategies such as Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation through which businesses, firms, and different clients can resolve their commercial, human resource, and other issues and retain a cordial working relationship. Our services will ensure that your disputes are resolved professionally, expeditiously, and confidentially. Therefore, saving you time and resources and allowing you to maximize your business’ goals and profits.

Further, our platform has a modern state of art video conferencing platform which allows for virtual sessions and Online Disputes Resolution ( ODR) for e-commerce transactions and other disputes arising from the internet, thus giving transacting parties a viable recourse. Consequently, negating the need for physical meetings.”

Here’s their overview video from the HiiL Innovating Justice conference:

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