OTTER – Online Dispute Resolution for Kids – Now Available

The winner of the 2014 Tech for Justice Hackathon held at the ODR2014 conference in Silicon Valley has released a version of their app for the 2016-2017 school year.  Check it out at

The OTTER platform:

  • Mitigates bullying (Conflict resolution and SEL tools mitigate bullying)
  • Offers built-in training (Kid-friendly, teacher-developed, conflict resolution training)
  • Provides positive reinforcement (Encourages student reflection on the positive through guided questions)
  • Is self-managing (The software helps students resolve their own conflicts)
  • Delivers rich reporting data (Provides valuable SEL data in multiple areas for teachers and administrators)
  • Sports an easy-to-use interface (Simple interface designed for kids. Works on desktop, tablets, and phones)

Very cool system, and definitely worth checking out.  Learn more at

3 thoughts on “OTTER – Online Dispute Resolution for Kids – Now Available

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