Videos about the On-line Mediation Program launched by Buenos Aires City Government in Argentina| Developed by ODR Latinoamerica

These are the presentation and explanation videos of the On-line Mediation Program of the City of Buenos Aires, known as MEL.

MEL offers an additional service to traditional face to face mediation and it’s a free service provided by the Buenos Aires City Government, with experts supporting the mediation trhough all instances.

ODR Latinoamerica guided the development of the proyect with its experience in technology, communications and ODR.

¡Great work!

Round-the-clock cyber court opens in Beijing

“An internet-based court that runs 24/7 was set up in Beijing on Sunday where internet-related cases in the city will be tried online in the future.

Now, like convenience stores, courts will stay open perpetually and plaintiffs can file cases anytime.

The Beijing Internet Court has been given the jurisdiction to handle internet-related cases that should be tried by a primary-level people’s court in Beijing regarding disputes with online shopping, service contracts, lending and copyrights, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Sunday.

People can “file a case online instead of going to the court with paper-based material,” Li Jingwei, deputy president of the court told the China Central Television (CCTV) on Sunday.

People involved in a lawsuit can also receive evidence material sent by the other party, Li added.

The appearance of such a court also indicates a new model of social governance system, Qin An, head of the Institute of the China Cyberspace Strategy told the Global Times on Sunday.

Citizens can log onto the litigation service platform to file cases or submit related material “at any time, without worrying  about time,” said She Guiqing, another deputy president of the Beijing Internet Court.

Cases would be heard online through videocall if conditions allowed, China News Service reported.”

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Dr. Héctor Maldonado Bonilla

Illustrious Magistrate President of the Superior Tribunal  of Justice of the State of Tlaxcala, Mexico


Has been recognized by ODR Latinoamerica with the IMPULSORES AWARD 2018.

In merit of the contributions made for the promotion and spreading of  the New Technologies of Information and Communication for the Construction of Peace in the Digital Era.





ODR Latinoamerica was selected Successful Project by the XIV World Congress of Mediation and Peace

ODR Latinoamerica will have a special presentation in the XIV World Congress of Mediation an Peace, since it was selected Succesfull Proyect of Global Reach by the Evaluation Committee of Successful Projects.

We are happy for the announcement and want to thank the opportunity!

The Congress will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 17 – 22 September. More info in the web of the congress





Alberto Elisavetsky is invited to Tlaxcala, Mexico, to work on a Project of Distance Conflict Resolution Pilot Plan

Alberto Elisavetsky, Director of ODR Latinoamerica, has been invited to work in the ODR pilot project of Tlaxcala’s Judicial Power, Mexico.

Here follows the official invitation:


Alberto Elisavetsky

Director of the Observatory of Social Conflict

Tres de Febrero National University, Argentina.


In compliance to the Strategic Institutional Plan 2018-2020 of the Judicial Power of the State of Tlaxcala, in line of action 2.3.2 Motivate the training of the public facilitator around the use of TIC’s, with a perspective on distance mediation/on-line and 4.2.3 Establish strategic alliances for spreading internally and externally the actions of training that the Institute executes; as well as considering your wide trajectory and knowledge in new technologies applied to dispute resolution, you are invited on September 6 & 7 of this year to the facilities of Judicial City, Tlaxcala, Mexico to support the Project of Distance Conflict Resolution Pilot Plan.


Kind regards, hoping to count with your valuable presence.



Santa Anita Huiloac, Apizaco, Tlaxcala, August the 20th 2018

President Magistrate of the Superior Tribunal of Justice of the State of Tlaxcala.




NCSC/Pew Charitable Trusts ODR Project Announcement


The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) is engaging with Pew Charitable Trusts to explore and examine various Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) implementations with the end goal of making ODR, a digital space where parties can convene to work out a resolution to their dispute or case, useful and successful.

To that end, NCSC is interested in knowing whether your state/jurisdiction has started an ODR effort. If so, what case type(s) does your effort focus on and where are you in the implementation lifecycle (e.g., forming an exploratory group, looking at commercial solutions, building your own, implementing a vendor solution, or already using an ODR solution and for how long)? Are you interested and willing to have NCSC and Pew engaged in helping your ODR effort at no cost to you?

NCSC can offer technical assistance, as well as process mapping help and evaluation for a handful of efforts. Even if you have already implemented an ODR solution, we are keen to know what went well and how you are using ODR. Responses should be directed to Shelley Spacek Miller, or 757-259-1538, and include follow-up contact information.”

Noam Ebner wins award

From the blog –

A simulation co-authored by Noam Ebner (Creighton) has been named a first-prize co-winner of Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs annual E-PARCC teaching case and simulation competition. Congratulations, Noam!

The simulation places participants in the role of EU leaders tasked with forming EU policy in face of the waves of migration entering the EU. Noam and his co-authors actually wrote three Model EU simulations Noam co-authored as part of a project for the EU Delegation to the US. The award-winning simulation (as well as two others on different topics) can be downloaded for use here.

In celebration of the anniversary of last year’s conference on “Equal Access to Information & Justice – Online Dispute Resolution – ODR 2017” held in Paris, a special webpage in the ICC Dispute Resolution Library has been created and is publicly available:

The page provides access to video-recordings of all panels, the powerpoints, the bios and the programme distributed in the delegate bags.

Thanks to the ICC and Mirèze Philippe for making this valuable resource available to everyone free of charge.

Read more here.

New White Paper on Technology and Tribunals in the UK

Thanks to Mike Lind for sharing a link the new white paper “The Digitalisation of Tribunals: What we know and what we need to know.”

The report is co-authored by Professor Robert Thomas (Professor of Public Law, University of Manchester) and Dr Joe  Tomlinson (Lecturer in Public Law, University of Sheffield, and Research Director, Public Law Project).

From the Introduction:

“There is a global movement toward digital justice. In the UK, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) are implementing a wide-ranging court reform and digitalisation programme across the justice system. The digitalisation of administrative tribunals is a key part of that agenda. In global terms, the reforms being carried out by HMCTS are pioneering and are on an unprecedented scale. While there is clear ambition on display, much of the detail of how the new system will work are still being worked out.

This report covers four distinct questions:

  • what is the context for the introduction of online tribunals?
  • what do we know about what online tribunal procedures will look like?
  • what are the key issues going forward?
  • how do developments in the UK fit within wider international developments?

The digitalisation of tribunals can be understood as occurring within four related though discrete

  • reforms to administrative justice and changes to tribunals;
  • advances in e-government;
  • developments in online dispute resolution (ODR); and
  • the development of the Transforming Our Justice System proposals.”

Click here for the full report.