Join us for webinar series on new book: Online Dispute Resolution—Theory and Practice: A Treatise on Technology and Dispute Resolution

Book Launch Panel Discussion: Sept 22 @ noon EDST

Editors Panel Discussion
Ethan Katsh, Dir., NCTDR & co-author, Digital Justice: Technology and the Internet of Disputes (2017, OUP)
Daniel Rainey, Fellow, NCTDR & Principal, Holistic Solutions, Inc.
Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Fellow, NCTDR & Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law at Cairo University, Egypt & Founding Partner of Zulficar & Partners

Chapter Authors Webinar Series
ODR & AI Oct 13 @ noon EDST
ODR Impact on Practice Areas Nov 1 @ 10am EDST
Ethics, Culture & Equity in ODR Nov 2 @ 10am EDST
ODR, Courts & Justice Systems Nov 3 @ 10am EDST
State of Play of ODR Globally Part I Nov 4 @ 8am EDST
State of Play of ODR Globally Part II Nov 5 @ 2pm EDST
Announcements to follow with access links

Rainey, D., Katsh, E., and Wahab, M. (eds.), Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice, Second Edition.  The Hague: Eleven International Publishing, 2021.

Table of Contents

Foreword (Richard Susskind)

Chapter 1 Online Dispute Resolution (ODR): A Look at History (Ethan Katsh)

Chapter 2 Ethical Principles and Standards for Online Dispute Resolution (Leah Wing and Daniel Rainey)

Chapter 3 Lessons from Online Dispute Resolution for Dispute System (Orna Rabinovich-Einy and Ethan Katsh)

Chapter 4 The Human Touch in ODR: Trust, Empathy, and Social Intuition in Online Negotiation and Mediation (Noam Ebner)

Chapter 5 ODR and the Justice System (Larry W. Bridgesmith)

Chapter 6 ODR Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities: We Must Do Better (David Allen Larson)

Chapter 7 Online Dispute Resolution Data Security (Chris Draper)

Chapter 8 ODR and Cultural Components of Dispute Engagement (Daniel Rainey and Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah)

Chapter 9 ODR for E-Commerce: Legal Standards and Developments in Asia and Europe (Pablo Cortés, Aura Esther Vilalta and Chittu Nagarajan)

Chapter 10 Online Dispute Resolution in US Courts Looking Back and Going Forward (Paul Embley and Lise Embley)

Chapter 11 ODR and Social Justice: Technology Not Tricknology (Benjamin G. Davis)

Chapter 12 Online Dispute Resolution and Ombudsmanship, Observations on the Use of ODR by Ombudsman Practitioners (Dr. Frank Fowlie, Dr. Clare Fowler and Herb Waye and MALT)

Chapter 13 The Wake-Up to the Virtual Space in Arbitration (Mirèze Philippe and Mohamed Abdel Wahab)

Chapter 14 ODR and Negotiation (Michael Wolf)

Chapter 15 ODR and Mediation (Noam Ebner and Daniel Rainey)

Chapter 16 ODR and Peacetech (Colin Rule)

Chapter 17 Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Dispute Resolution – The Age of AI-DR (Orna Rabinovich-Einy and Ethan Katsh)

Chapter 18 Application of the General Data Protection Regulation and Cybersecurity Requirements to Digital Dispute Resolution (Kathleen Paisley)

Chapter 19 Smart Contracts and Blockchain (Brandon Malone)

Chapter 20 ODR in Canada (Karim Benyekhlef and Nicolas Vermeys)

Chapter 21 ODR and Innovation in the United States (Amy J. Schmitz and Janet Martinez)

Chapter 22 Mediation and ODR in Latin America and Argentina (Alberto Elisavetsky and María Victoria Marun)

Chapter 23 ODR in Europe (Marta Poblet and Graham Ross)

Chapter 24 Online Dispute Resolution and Africa (Ayodele Musibau Kusamotu)

Chapter 25 Online Dispute Resolution in China: Today and Future (Anyu Lee)