New APEC report: Promoting Consumer Protection in eCommerce ODR

The report from our Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Public-Private Dialogue on consumer protection ODR has now been officially published on the APEC website — from the description:

This report presents the outcomes of a virtual public-private dialogue (PPD) held on 26-28 April 2021 attended by speakers and participants from APEC and non-APEC economies. The goal of the PPD was to raise awareness about the value of online dispute resolution; to highlight the benefits it provides to both consumers and micro, small and medium Enterprises (MSMEs); to encourage APEC economies to consider and promote foundational consumer protections afforded by online dispute resolution (ODR) systems, whether established by the private or public sector; and to consider the challenges and promises of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, as they pertain to ODR.

The PPD also contributed to the development of a best practices on ODR document for consideration by the APEC members.”

Click here for the reportClick here for the best practicesClick here for more information

Thanks to all the NCTDR Fellows who contributed to the effort!